Loghman Moradi

Two Kurd prisoners, Loghman Moradi and Zanyar Moradi have been sentenced to death by the Iranian judiciary. They are accused of murdering the son of the Friday Mass Imam in Marivan and “enmity against God and corruption of the earth.”

The sentence is noe being reviewed by the Iranian Supreme Court, the International Campaign for Human Rights reports. Osman Moradi, father of Loghman Moradi told the Campaign that his son is innocent and was at work on the day of the murder.

Gunmen killed the victim along with two other people on July 4, 2009. The court maintains that the operation was carried out “with the support of the British intelligence service.”

Osman Moradi said his son was tortured in prison and only confessed to end his ordeal. For the past eight days, he has been denied telephone contact with his son. Moradi urged human rights organizations to save his son.