Amaneh Bahrami

Amaneh Bahrami, the Iranian woman who was blinded in an acid attack by a spurned suitor seven years ago, has requested a delay in the blinding sentence of her assailant, Majid Movahedi.

Shargh newspaper reports that the execution of the blinding sentence has caused her "anxiety and great pressure" and she feels she needs time regain her bearings.

Majid Movadehi, Bahrami’s assailant, was supposed to be blinded last Saturday at a court hospital in the presence of medical specialists.

The process was postponed, however, and Tehran’s prosecutor later indicated that the right medical arrangements were not yet fully in place to carry out this unprecedented sentence.

Bahrami had indicated earlier that she is willing to forego her legal claims against her attacker for compensation of two-million euros.

Bahrami announced that if Iranian judiciary is serious about carrying out the blinding sentence, she will return to Iran for the execution of the sentence.