President Rohani expressed serious concern regarding incidents of acid throwing in Isfahan, ordering the ministries of the interior, intelligence and justice to identify the perpetrators and keep citizens safe.

IRNA reports that a cabinet meeting on Thursday October 23 culminated with an announcement of the president’s mission for the three ministries.

Massoumeh Ebtekar, the head of the Environment Department, also reported on the government’s determination to bring an end to acid throwing, noting on her Facebook page: “This episode has to become the final chapter of acid throwing in Iran and the demise of violence against women.”

In recent weeks, a number of women in Isfahan have been assaulted with acid. The repeated incidents led to a mass protest last week with citizens calling on government to identify and swiftly deal with the perpetrators.

Some have linked the incidents to extremists’ demands for stricter hijab compliance by women in public, which had become more controversial in recent months in the light of President Rohani’s support for greater social liberties for the public.

Conservative factions insist, however, that the incidents have nothing to do with hijab requirements for women.