Russian media report that the Russian president plans to propose the sale of S-300 defence missiles to Iran and the construction of another atomic reactor for Iran.

According to the Russian daily Kommersant, an unidentified source in Kremlin said the proposals will be put forth to Iranian President Hassan Rohani on the sidelines of the Shanghai cooperation meetings in Kyrgyzstan this week.

Iran signed a deal with Russia in 2007 for the purchase of S-300 missile systems, but Moscow decided to break the terms of the agreement, citing restrictions imposed by international sanctions against Iran.

Iran, however, has filed a complaint with the international court claiming Russia is in breach of its contract.

The report indicates that the Russian president’s spokesman has confirmed that Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart will discuss "issues surrounding military cooperation" and nuclear energy while in Kyrgyzstan.

The head of international affairs for the Russian Parliament suggested this week that Iran should be given defensive weapons if a military attack is undertaken against Syria.

The United States has been advocating a form of military action against Syria in the wake of allegations that the Assad government has used chemical weapons against its people.

Assad has denied the allegations, and his foreign minister has announced that the country is ready to submit to chemical weapons inspections by the UN.