Iran’s Ministry of Power warns the country faces a growing water crisis due to droughts and the burgeoning population.

ISNA reports that Alireza Daemi, the deputy head of the Power Ministry, said statistics point to an oncoming critical water shortage.

The report added that in 1960 there was 6,000 cubic metres of water for each person. By 1990, it was reduced to 2,000, and they predict there will only be 1,000 cubic metres of water per person by 2025.

Daemi added that in the past 80 years, Iran’s population has increased sevenfold, which is a major cause of this water shortage.

Repeated droughts in the past 10 years were also cited as a major factor.

The report claims that in the next 20 years, the water available to Iranians will be one-fourth of what it is today.