Five Iranian Kurdish political prisoners have been released from Mahabad Prison in western Azerbaijan.

Osman and Ali Molannejad, Nasser Tarigh, Osman Qadernejad and Mohammad Qaderzadeh were released on Wednesday December 4, the Mokrian website reports.

The five prisoners were serving prison terms for "assembly and collusion with enemy groups" and were released before the end of their sentences.

Osman and Ali Molannejad had been sentenced to five years and were released after two years in jail.

Osman Qadernejad was released 16 months into a three-year prison term, and Mohammad Qaderzadeh was released two years into a four-year sentence.

There has been widespread outrage regarding the hanging of two Kurdish prisoners in recent months, and more than 45 prisoners in different prisons across the country observed a one-day hunger strike on December 4 to mark 40 days since the hanging.