Marzieh Afkham

Iranian foreign ministry announced that Iran has very clearly stated that it will only participate in the Geneva 2 talks about the Syrian conflict without any pre-conditions despite statements from the UN Secretary General that Iran has accepted the outcome of Geneva 1 talks.

IRNA reports that Marzieh Afkham spokesperson for Iranian foreign ministry stated that Iran has been very clear to the UN Secretary General and Lakhdar Brahimi UN envoy to Syria about accepting no preconditions for attending the talks.

Yesterday the United Nations withdrew its invitation to Iran to the Geneva 2 talks aimed at peace in Syria, after the Syrian opposition said it would not attend a conference with Iran in attendance.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon issued a formal invitation to Iran on Sunday January 19, stating that Iran had accepted that these talks would be based on the outcome of the first round of talks to form a transitional government.

Iran declared, however, that it would only attend the conference if there were no preconditions.

Iran has supported the Bashar Assad government throughout the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian peace talks are scheduled to begin on Wednesday in Geneva, and while Russian has pulled for Iran’s participation in the talks, the United States has been opposed.