The Fars News Agency reports that a number of people linked to the dissident exile group People’s Mohajedin of Iran have been arrested in Iran. The report indicates the detainees are suspected of “plans to disrupt the election process.”

Earlier this week, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry also announced the arrest of two “terrorist” groups. Fars also reported that news, linking the earlier arrests to “Monafeghin”, which is the Islamic Republic’s way of referring to the People’s Mojahedin organization. Fars said they were arrested in Tehran and a number of other cities.

The report claimed the detainees “had entered Iran from abroad with instructions to coordinate with their elements inside the country and create disturbances in the election.”

On May 20, the Intelligence Ministry also announced the arrest of two “terrorist” groups that were trying to “smuggle arms into the country.”

The Islamic Republic establishment has been concerned that dissident groups may try to use the approaching presidential election to stage protests and rally the public against the regime.