Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Wednesday August 28 that “U.S. intervention” in the Syrian conflict would be “a catastrophe that would cause an explosion in the region like a spark in a gunpowder store with unpredictable repercussions stretching in every direction.”

Following the allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, there has been much media speculation about U.S. and Western intervention in Syria. Today, British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that it has put forth a resolution to the five permanent members of the U.S. Security Council “authorizing necessary measures to protect Syrian civilians.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has repeatedly called on world powers to give peace a chance and allow UN inspectors to complete their investigations in Syria.

The UN inspectors have run into obstacles on their mission such as sniper attacks on their convoy.

The Beshar Assad government has emphatically denied using chemical weapons and insists the whole affair is a ruse by opposition forces to create a pretext for foreign intervention.

Britain has suggested that it is prepared to intervene in Syria even without a UN resolution.

Iran’s leader said foreign intervention will only stoke the fires of war.