Marzieh Afkham

Mohammad Javad Zarif has announced that Marzieh Afkham will be the new spokesperson for Iran’s foreign ministry.

ISNA reports that Abbas Araghchi, the current foreign ministry spokesman, said: “The foreign minister was looking for someone seasoned and experienced. [Ms. Afkham] has served as head of information and media and is currently head of general diplomacy at the foreign ministry.”

Araghchi had stated earlier that the new foreign minister wants to engage more female leaders in the ministry. Ms. Afkham will be the first woman to serve as spokesperson for the ministry, and reportedly the ministry plans to appoint female ambassadors for the first time.

Abbas Araghchi will remain at the foreign ministry as head of the Asia and Oceania section.

Hassan Rohani had promised to include more women in his administration saying: “This is by no means doing women a favour but rather their legal and natural right.”