The introduction of the new president for Amir Kabir University became a scene of violent tension on Saturday June 28.
Mehr  News Agency reports that while the amphitheatre was full to capacity, a group of students forced their way in, causing the door to break and one of the professors to get injured.

The ceremony commenced at 10 AM and following the speech by the new president Ahmad Motamedi, and deputy minister of education, the Supreme Leader’s representative had just begun his speech when the violent episode occurred.

Fars News Agency reports that the windows of the hall were also broken.

Ahmad Motamedi, who is linked to reformist factions in Iran, has been serving as interim supervisor of the university since June 23.

Motamedi stressed the value of joy and vitality on campus and the need to address the roots of the country’s brain drain.

Motamedi was a member of MirHosein Mousavi’s campaign team in 2009, and his links to the opposition leader, who has been under house arrest for over three years, have been cited by some as the reason for the violent interruption of his ceremony.

Education Minister Reza Faraji Dana is also on the verge of being impeached by Parliament for appointing university presidents who do not fall in line with the views of Iran’s conservative factions.