France says the EU could reduce sanctions on Iran within a month.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced that EU foreign ministers will consider within the next few weeks the first draft of a plan to ease sanctions on Iran.

Fabius stressed that the plan must be approved by the 28 members of the EU before being implemented.

The comments come one day after Iran and the 5+1 struck a preliminary deal on Iran’s nuclear activities. Iran has agreed to stop enrichment at the 20 percent level and stop adding any new centrifuges.

France’s Fabius had been singled out as the main obstacle to an agreement during the previous round of talks in Geneva between Iran and the 5+1.

Fabius said that the easing of sanctions will be “limited, targeted and reversible” and it will be implemented by December.
The Iranian foreign minister also commented, saying: “All the measures that we will take, the confidence-building measures, are reversible, and they can be reversed fast. Of course, we hope we do not have to do this.”