An explosion in a coal mine in Kerman has left three miners dead and wounded six others.

Following an explosion at the Kuhbanan Mine, several miners were caught under the debris. Rescue workers managed to save 10 miners but three others were killed in the incident.

The six wounded miners are in hospital in the city of Zarand in Kerman province, all reportedly in serious condition.

The governor of Kuhbanan told Mehr that the mine previously had been closed for failing to meet safety standards and was later reopened with a clean report that all safety regulations were in place.

Mehr reports that such incidents are becoming more common in the mines of northern Kerman, and Kuhbananhas established a council to examine the causes.

Parliament has received reports that the major causes of these explosions are a high volume of gas in the mines and negligence on the part of private-sector companies when it comes to safety standards.

Kerman, in southeastern Iran, is one of the country`s chief sources of coal, iron ore and copper.