Massoumeh Ebtekar

Massomeh Ebtekar, the head of the Tehran Environmental Committee, announced that patients are being diagnosed with cancer at a younger age.

Ebtekar told ILNA: “Air and soil pollution and the effects of [electromagnetic waves] are all contributing to a rise in diseases.”

Ebtekar went on to add that experts that have been warning that such environmental factors would lead to a rise in various forms of cancer are currently under pressure and threat for making such statements.

She went on to add: “Reporting on such matters is not to cause a panic among the public but it is aimed at changing policies that a handful are exploiting for their own benefit.”

Ebtekar stressed that without adherence to environmental standards and regulations, the situation is bound to deteriorate.

Experts have warned that cancer is on the rise in Iran, and by 2015 Iran will face a “cancer tsunami.”