Pouya Hadjian

An official with the Iranian Red Crescent announced today that the kidnappers holding seven Iranian aid workers in Libya have made no clear demands for their release.

ISNA reports that Pouya Hadjian, the head of public relations for the Iranian Red Crescent, said on Sunday that efforts continue to release the Iranian relief workers in Libya, with many meetings between the Libyan Red Crescent and the Islamic Republic Embassy.

Hadjian announced that the Libyan government has said the abducted Iranians are being held in the south of Benghazi, but to date the kidnappers have not made any clear statements about the conditions for their release.

“Mostafa Abdoljalil, the head of the Libyan Transitional Council, has appointed the deputy interior minister to follow up on this matter,” Hadjian said.

He added that the Iranian Red Crescent is also very active in resolving this issue, and the head of the Iranian relief agency, Abolhassan Faqih, has called on the head of the Red Cross branch in Iran to urge the International Red Cross to issue a statement condemning the kidnapping of Iranian aid workers.

Last Monday, seven Iranian aid workers were kidnapped in Benghazi by unidentified armed men.

The Libyan Red Crescent has announced that they had invited the seven Iranians to assist in relief work in the city and they urged the kidnappers to release them.

An earlier statement that the hostages might be released this weekend was apparently premature.