Nuclear negotiations between  Iran and the 5+1 resumed today in Geneva with both sides optimistic about the potential for a preliminary agreement on rolling back Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for some easing of sanctions.

The Iranian foreign minister and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton began talks over lunch.

The Mehr News Agency reports that the head of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, confirmed that Iran will not move toward the development of nuclear weapons.

This is the third time meeting between the new Iranian delegation and the 5+1 in Geneva.

Iran’s foreign minister told reporters on Tuesday night: “We will make every effort to reach an agreement in these talks; however, it will also depend on how much the other party is willing to recognize the rights of the Iranian people and approach the negotiations on equal footing.”

In a video message, Mohammad Javad Zarif said: “There is a way ahead… Last summer our people opted for constructive interaction through the ballot box and in this way they gave the world a historic chance to change directions.”

Reuters also reports that the Chinese president spoke to his Iranian counterpart on the phone, expressing every hope that Iran would take advantage of the opportunity to improve relations with world powers. The report indicates that Rohani responded to the Chinese leader, saying Iran expects China to use “its weight and credibility as a great country to reign in the excessive demands of some countries.”