The U.S. aircraft company Boeing announced that it has received permission to sell aircraft spare parts to Iran. Meanwhile, General Electric has also got the go-ahead to service 18 engines sold to Iran in the the late 1970s, according to Reuters.

IRNA reports that on Friday April 4, Boeing announced that the U.S. government has given it permission to begin selling spare parts for commercial aircraft to Iran. The license only allows the provision of spare parts for older Boeing planes sold to Iran before 1979 and does not allow the sale of new aircraft.

The license could be a prelude to the reestablishment of relations between Iran and Boeing, which have been severed since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Reuters reported in November that an Iranian official has said that Iran could be looking at the purchase of 250 to 400 jets once the international sanctions were lifted.

This is the first time Boeing and GE have been given license to deal with Iran since the 1979 hostage crisis at the American Embassy in Iran.