The Mazandaran Revolutionary Guards report that 13 of their members were killed in the recent conflicts in Aleppo, Syria, and another 21 were wounded.


ISNA quoted Mazandaran IRGC public relations officer Hoseinali Rezai as saying the casualties were “defenders of the Shrine of Zeynab”.

In an announcement, the Mazandaran IRGC also reported that on May 6, a number of its “officers deployed in Syria as advisers” were killed in the hostilities near Aleppo.

Al Nusrah jihadist group attacked and took Khan Tooman on Friday. At least 70 people were reportedly killed in the attacks, and according to the Al Nusrah forces, a number of Iranians and Afghans were among them.

The IRGC says photos of the killings on social media are an attempt at psychological warfare.

In recent months, several IRGC members have been killed in Syria.