While the Fars News Agency reports that two motorcyclists opened fire on a mourning procession in Behbahan on the occasion of Ashura on Sunday October 25, the Khuzestan police department has denied the report.

Ashura Procession

Ashura Procession

The Fars News Agency reports that during the Ashura ceremony in Behbahan, two motorcyclists shot at the participants and injured four people.

The report adds that the two armed assailants have been arrested by the police.

The report was later denied by Khuzestan police, who said no procession in the whole province had met with any trouble.

Meanwhile, IRNA reported that the Behbahan governor has said two mourning processions were targeted by armed assailants but he explained that the incidents were not “terrorist attacks”.

Local websites in Behbahan have also reported that six people have been injured in armed attacks on mourning processions.

Eyewitnesses have reported that two local gangs with a history of conflict fell into altercations during the procession, and one side used a hunting gun against the other, injuring six people.

Last week, a mourning procession in Dezfool also became the target of an armed attack by three assailants, leaving two people dead and another two injured.