Mohammadali Jafari, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), says all threats have been driven away from the country’s borders.

Mohammad Ali Jafari

Mohammad Ali Jafari

The Fars News Agency reports that on Saturday February 6, Jafari took part in the funeral of a number of IRGC members killed in the Syrian conflict and said “the spread of Islamic resistance” has distanced threats from Iran’s borders.

In recent weeks, the conflict in Aleppo has intensified and, on Friday February 5, the IRGC reported the death of one commander and six Basij militia members in the Syrian conflict.

Jaffari said today that Iran has entered “a new phase of threats”, adding: “As long as the Islamic Revolution is there, we will always face the conspiracy and threats of the enemy.”

He added that the enemy is “focused on preventing the spread of the Islamic Revolution and Resistance and it is clear that the more the Islamic Revolution spreads, its defence becomes more and more complicated.”

Jafari said the IRGC has not chosen to send in a large force to fight in Syria but he added there are “many volunteers among the IRGC members” ready to go in.

More than 100 Iranians have been killed in the past three months in the Syrian conflict.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, has met with the families of the dead and referred to them as “defenders of Iran”.