The Mizan Khabar website, which is linked to activists from Iran’s Nationalist-Religious figures and Freedom Front Party, says a number of members have been disqualified by the Guardian Council from running in parliamentary elections.


The report indicates that a number of these hopeful candidates in Tabriz, Mashhad and Lahijan were informed by the council that they have been disqualified.

Ghaffar Farzadi and Hadi Hadizadeh, members of the Iran Freedom Movement, and Nationalist-Religious figures Mohammad Hossein Ghaffarzadeh, Ali Farid Yahyayi and Hamid Karim are on the list of disqualified nominees.

Ebrahim Yazdi, the Secretary General of the Freedom Movement, had said in an earlier interview with the National Trust daily that people should maintain an active presence in the elections and that it would remain to be seen what policy the Guardian Council would adopt in dealing with nominees.