Mohammad Hossein Moghimi, the head of Iran’s election office, has lauded the participation of both men and women in the coming elections.

Esmat Savadi

Esmat Savadi

Yesterday, Esmat Savadi became the first woman to register her name as a nominee to run in the 2016 Assembly of Experts election.

Moghimi announced on Thursday that in addition to Savadi in Tehran, a number of other women have also registered for the assembly election in other cities.

The Assembly of Experts is the body that selects the Supreme Leader, and many claim it has a supervisory role over the actions of the Supreme Leader.

The chief criterion for vying for one of the 86 seats is high-level knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence and related experience.

Esmat Savdi holds a doctorate in Islamic jurisprudence and holds teaching positions at Open University in this field.

At the beginning of the Iranian Revolution, Monireh Gorji was the only female member of a special Assembly of Experts formed to draft the constitution of the Islamic Republic.