About the Movie “It Was 5 in the Morning”

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    It was 5 in the Morning

    A short film featuring prominent Iranian artists who address the inhumane practice of the death penalty in Iran through their art.

    Zamaneh Media presents “It was 5 in the Morning”, an artistic short film featuring influential Iranian artists who all have one thing in common: they let their art speak to address human rights and injustice. Through this moving film, artists such as Shahin Najafi, Kambiz Hosseini and Fatemeh Ekhtesari address the widespread use and inhumane practices of the death penalty and public executions, which often happen at five o’clock in the morning.

    This beautiful film takes you on a journey into their world and that of their own emotions and experiences with this difficult topic, brilliantly told by renowned film maker and visual artist Mostafa Heravi. By using strong scenic, at times raw images and little words the audience is bound to be emotionally moved.

    The film is part of a “Right to Life” campaign by Radio Zamaneh, with the aim of raising awareness for due process and on capital punishment in Iran, a country which executes hundreds of people every year including child offenders.

    By one of the most admired Iranian video artists Mostafa Heravi.

    Two popular Iranian artists perform live in front of a spirited audiece at Zamaneh’s gala night in Amsterdam.


BOOKLET Download this lively and informaive booklet about the film story and its cast.