Iranian MP Ali Motahari says he does not believe in “fabricated red lines” to limit freedom of speech and even communists should be allowed to be active in the country. He also said establishing relations with the United States should not be viewed as the end of the Revolution.

Ali Motahari

Ali Motahari

On December 6 at a meeting at Allameh Tabatabai University entitled “Islamic Republic from idea to reality”, Motahari said “freedom” has been the slogan of the Iranian Revolution, adding: “There should be no limits to freedom of thought, and I do not believe in fabricated red lines in this regard.”

He stressed that according to the principles of the Revolution, there should be no barriers to keep different political groups, not even communists, from engaging in political activity.

Motahari also commented on relations with the United States, saying: “What is important is we maintain relations with all countries based on our principles… if we establish relations based on our principles, re-establishing relations with the U.S. will not bring the Revolution to an end.”

Motahari’s statements come at a time when Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, has been warning against “U.S. infiltration” into various strata of the country.