Jailed Iranian journalist Issa Saharkhiz, whose health has seriously declined in jail due to repeated hunger strikes, may soon be released.

Issa Saharkhiz

Issa Saharkhiz

Mehdi Saharkhiz has told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his father has been hospitalized and doctor’s are trying to diagnose his condition.

Saharkhiz was transferred to hospital on March 9, two days after being returned to the general ward of the prison from solitary.

Mehdi Saharkhiz was quoted as saying he is hopeful his father will be released this year. The Iranian calendar year began on March 20.

Issa Saharkhiz was arrested along with a number of other journalists after Iran’s Supreme Leader warned against “enemy infiltration” of the country’s cultural sector.

Mehdi Saharkhiz had reported earlier that his father lost 20 kilos from the hunger strike.