Iranian officials report that road accidents add 100 people to the country’s disabled population every day.


The head of Iran’s Red Crescent, Massoud Habibi, said on Thursday March 10: “Unfortunately, road accidents continue to claim 50 lives each day across the country and the number of road accident injuries is 16 times that number.”

Habibi made the statements at the launch of a new campaign called “No to Road Accidents” aimed at reducing road accidents during the Norooz holiday season.

Habibi said the activities of the Red Crescent youth have resulted in some reduction in road accidents, adding that much more has to be done.

“If we can spread the message: do not drive when you are tired; do not overtake when you shouldn’t and don’t speed, then we will have accomplished our mission for the safety and health of Norooz travellers,” Habibi said.

ILNA reports that 20,000 young people from a thousand bases all across the country are participating in the campaign to spread the message of safety to Norooz travellers during the holiday period.

Iran has one of the highest rates of road accidents in the world.