Iranian political activist Heshamatollah Tabarzadi has been summoned to court for Wednesday March 16.

Heshmatollah Tabarzadi

Heshmatollah Tabarzadi

Tabarzadi announced the news on social media, adding that if he is arrested, he will go on a hunger strike from the moment they take him.

Tabatzadi writes: “They rang my bell today and two bearded motorcyclists with faces familiar to many of us said, we are from Evin Prison court and have a summons for Heshmat Tabarzadi. I said leave it there and go, I do not know you and won’t open the door. They said you must sign it. I did not open and they kept coming back. They said come on Wednesday or a warrant will be issued. I said I have been the subject of many warrants. So they appear to have left.”

Tabarzadi adds that whether he decides to go or not, he will not provide any information to any interrogator and will not put up any bail.

Tabarzadi is the secretary of the Democratic Front of Iran, an organization that has been targeted with arrests on several occasions in the recent years.