The final vote count in Iran reveals 83 reformists, 78 conservatives, 60 independents and five minority representatives have won their seats in parliament.


ISNA reports that of the 290 seats in parliament 226 have been filled and another 128 candidates have moved to a second round of elections for the remaining 64 seats. The second round will be held in April, according to the minister of interior.

Reformists remained the 30 top winners in Tehran with Mohammadreza Aref at the top of the list.No conservatives were elected in the Capital.

The victory of reformists in Tehran has left out a number of prominent conservative figures from parliament including Hassan Aboutorabi, the deputy of the current parliament.

Of the current 12 members of the parliament’s presiding board, only five managed to win a seat in the first round of elections and another two may win their seats in the second round of the campaign.

The current speaker of the parliament Ali Larijani however managed to win a seat as the second representative from Qom. Larijani won his campaign with partial support from both the reformist and the conservative camps.

Meanwhile the final results indicate that 14 women have won seats in the coming parliament and another eight have managed to move up to the second round of elections.