The Guardian Council says candidates for the Assembly of Experts elections will have to pass a written exam.

Nejatollah Ebrahimian

Nejatollah Ebrahimian

The spokesman for the Guardian Council announced on Tuesday January 3 that all candidates will have to write the exam.

“All who have seminary training and have not written the exam in the past will need to write it next week,” Nejatollah Ebrahimina said, adding that the incumbents are not required to rewrite the exam.

A written exam has not been mentioned in the election laws or the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of Experts.

For the fifth Assembly of Experts, 801 people have registered to run in the elections.

For the first time, a number of women have registered to run for a spot on the Assembly of Experts, which is charged with monitoring the Supreme Leader.

The fifth round of elections for the Assembly of Experts is scheduled to run in March.