Reports indicate that Mehdi Hashemi, the son of the moderate cleric who heads the Expediency Council, has entered Evin Prison to serve a 10-year sentence.
The Fars News Agency quoted a knowledgeable source saying Mehdi Hashemi was summoned by the Evin court on Sunday.

Mehdi Hashemi

Mehdi Hashemi

ISNA reports that Mehdi Hashemi read a statement before entering prison saying he does not regard the sentence as “fair or legal” and added that he demands that his full trial be aired on the National Broadcasting channels.

Reports indicate that Mehdi Hashemi was accompanied to Evin Prison by his mother and three of his siblings.

Mehdi Hashemi returned to Iran in 2012 and was held in prison for three months before being released on bail.

After the culmination of his trial, he was not handed a sentence for months, until eventually in June the judiciary announced that he has been given the maximum sentence for the charges against him.

While conservative MPs state that Mehdi Hashemi is guilty of corruption, his lawyer has said that the “chief issue” in his client’s file is his father.

Reformist figure and jailed politician Mostafa Tajzadeh has also said in a letter to Ayatollah Hashemi that rather than having specific issues with Mehdi Hashemi, the objective is to get at the moderate cleric.