Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah and six of his cabinet ministers returned to Aden on Saturday August 1 from exile in Saudi Arabia.

Khaled Bahah

Khaled Bahah

The Associated Press reports that upon arrival in Aden, Bahah and his group held a meeting with another seven ministers who had already returned.

Aden and its airport have been the site of serious conflict between Houthis and forces loyal to Yemen’s government in exile. The airport has also been repeatedly bombed by Saudi coalition forces that are backing the government and mean to return it to power.

The Houthis have gained and lost control of the airport on several occasions.

The port city of Aden has been serving as a makeshift capital for the government of exiled president Mansour Hadi since March.

Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia with a group of his cabinet members in March when Houthi forces occupied the President’s Palace.