On the first trip to Iran by a French foreign minister in 12 years, Laurent Fabius arrived in Tehran on Tuesday July 29 with an invitation from the French president to President Hassan Rohani to visit France.

Laurent Fabius and Hassan Rohani

Laurent Fabius and Hassan Rohani

During his one-day visit, Fabius met first with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, then with President Hassan Rohani, saying: “The French government is seeking to establish relations with Iran based on mutual respect and friendship.”

He added that a visit by the Iranian president to France will present many opportunities for greater bilateral accomplishments in regional and international matters.

He spoke of greater investment in Iran by French companies in the coming days and job creation in the environmental field as well as car and plane manufacturing.

Both sides stressed the need to implement the nuclear agreement reached in Vienna.

President Rohani added that the agreement is in the interest of Iran and the 5+1 as well as all regional countries.

Roahni added: “Iran is seeking an enduring agreement and so long as the other party remains committed to its obligations, we will also remain committed.”

Fabius was also to meet with Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade and the head of the Department of the Environment.