Kermanshah’s Taq-e Bostan Mirage Spring Waters have begun flowing again, according to Iran’s Director General of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.


Ali Falehgari told IRNA on Wednesday July 15 that this is a positive sign in the efforts to restore the Taq-e Bostan Mirage Spring Waters.

He added that the flowing water attests to the fact that the spring’s path is still open and sets to rest comments that geological shifts beneath the earth’s surface might have blocked the flow.

He added that the resumption of the flow may be connected to the temporary halt in exploitation of several wells in the area.

The waters of Taq-e Bostan suddenly stopped flowing last Thursday without any earlier drop in pressure.

The water has flowed around the Sasanid arches for thousands of years, providing drinking water to the area and watering thousands of hectares of land.