Mohsen Mirdamadi, a prominent reformist figure, former MP and head of the now-banned Islamic Iran Participation Front party, who was jailed in the aftermath of the controversial presidential election of 2009, was released from Evin Prison on the evening of Tuesday June 16 after serving a six-year sentence.

Mohsen Mirdamadi

Mohsen Mirdamadi

The Kaleme website reports that Mirdamadi’s release was unlawfully delayed by the refusal of the Tehran Prosecutor to enforce recent legislation, which amended the Islamic Penal Code so that prisoners will only serve the longest sentence laid against them and not the total of all sentences.

Zahra Mojaradi, Mirdamadi’s wife, also reports that even without enforcement of the new legislation, her husband should have been released in May.

According to Kaleme, even Mirdamadi’s officially announced release date was delayed by two day. He was transferred to the Revolutionary Guards ward of Evin Prison on the scheduled day of release, via an IRGC car, and was released at his home in order to avoid any sort of welcoming gathering.

In 2009, Mirdamadi was charged with “assembly and collusion against national security and propaganda activities against the regime” and he was sentenced to a total of six years in prison.