Urmia MP Nader Ghazipour has criticized the lack of effective action to replenish Lake Urmia, saying that the depth of the lake has declined to seven centimeters.

Nader Ghazipour

Nader Ghazipour

Asre Khabar reports that Ghazipour said the government has approved a budget of 729 billion toumans to save Lake Urmia, but over the past year the lake has deteriorated further because no effective action has been taken.

The budget to replenish the lake was approved by the Rohani administration last year, but according to Ghazipour, no funds have been provided to the governor of Western Azerbaijan in this regard.

Ghazipour said one of the Rohani campaign’s biggest promises was to save the lake, but it is not clear what the budget is being used for.

He stressed that the budget should only be used for transferring water to the lake and otherwise rescuing it, not to organize conferences and seminars and pay officials involved in setting up such events.