The arrest of Iranian human rights activist Nargess Mohammadi has triggered criticism from activists both inside and outside Iran.

Nargess Mohammadi

Nargess Mohammadi

The Association of Women Citizens has written an open letter condemning the “sudden and unannounced” arrest of Mohammadi, saying: “Why did the officers, rather than summoning Mohammadi, swarm her house and create an atmosphere of fear.”

Mohammadi was arrested on Tuesday at her home. Reports indicate she resisted arrest, and that led to the officers forcing their way into the house to arrest her.

Activists have expressed concern regarding Mohammadi’s frail health, as she was released from prison earlier for medical reasons.

The Association of Women Citizens adds that Mohammadi has always worked for the promotion of civil society and women’s and human rights within the framework of the law.

Taghi Rahmani, Mohammadi’s husband, is also a prominent civil activist who left the country following the 2009 election protests and the intensification of the crackdown on activists.

International rights groups such as the FIDH, Reporters Without Borders and the OMCT have spoken out against the treatment of Mohammadi and urged the Islamic Republic authorities to immediately release her.

Hours after Mohammadi’s arrest, Gohar Eshghi, the mother of deceased blogger Sattar Beheshti, joined with prominent dissidents Mohammad Nourizad and Mohammad Maleki to stage a sit-in in front of Evin Prison calling for her release.