The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency said on Saturday April 25 that the parties negotiating a nuclear pact have agreed that all sanctions against Iran will be eliminated when the agreement takes effect.

Ali Akbar Salehi

Ali Akbar Salehi

Referring to the three-day talks in Vienna, Ali Akbar Salehi said on Iran’s national broadcaster: “In recent days in Vienna, a number of issues have been clarified and the parties have accepted the lifting of all sanctions at one time.”

The meeting in Vienna was held from Wednesday April 22 to Friday the 24th and focused on the mechanism for lifting the sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Salehi added that the negotiations have reached the stage of working out the details of the consensus that was recently reached and drafting a final agreement.

The agreement is supposed to entail significant restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of all economic sanctions against the country.

There had been some controversy regarding the timeline of lifting the sanctions, but Iran has stressed that no agreement will be signed unless its execution entails the immediate lifting of all sanctions.