One day after the optimistic culmination of the nuclear negotiations in Lausanne, Iran’s exchange rate for the dollar dropped 200 toumans against the national currency.


Iranian News sources report that the dollar was being traded at 3,300 toumans before the nuclear negotiations in Lausanne, and on Friday the exchange rate dropped to 3,100 toumans.

Analysts are offering various forecasts for the exchange rate, with some insisting that the drop will be short lived and others saying it will be the trend for the extended future.

A report on Voice of Economy, reflecting the views of 60 economics experts, indicated that 86 percent of the predictions lean toward a sharper fall in the price of a dollar, saying it could fluctuate anywhere between 2,800 and 3,100 toumans.

Some have indicated that the sharp fall that followed the announcement on Thursday April 2 that negotiations had concluded might only reflect the excitement over the agreement, and a real fall in the price of the dollar can only be long-lasting once sanctions are lifted.

The lifting of sanctions still remains under a fog of ambiguities, with the Iranian side stressing that they will be lifted all at once and the U.S. parties saying it will be graduated. Experts say each scenario will have a different impact on the currency market in Iran.