Russia has proposed the Antei-2500 air defence system to Iran as a substitute for the S-300 missile system that it failed to deliver despite an agreement between the two countries.

Russian media have reported the offer, adding that Iran has not responded so far.Missile defence

Reuters also reported on the new Russian proposal, quoting Russian authorities who say Iran is currently considering the deal.

The Antei-2500 is said to have all the defence capabilities of the S-300 missile system, which is capable of intercepting and destroying ballistic and cruiser missiles.

The delivery of S-300 missiles was halted due to complications involving international sanctions on Iran, and it is not clear how Russia proposes to deliver the Antei-2500 in spite of the obstacles presented by sanctions.

Russia was supposed to deliver the S-300 missiles to Iran after a deal worth $800 million was struck in 2007. Despite Iran’s deposit of $167 million, Russia failed to deliver its side of the deal due to UN Resolution 1929 against Iran.