President Obama has called on Iran “to make a decision”, saying he expects no further extensions to the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the 5+1.

The Guardian reports that Obama was addressing a White House press conference held jointly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel when he said the 5+1 has offered Iran a unified deal, which guarantees it can exploit nuclear power but not nuclear weapons, and Iran needs to make a decision on that.

The Iranian Supreme Leader said yesterday that he is prepared to lend his support to a practical agreement but not a “bad one”.

Obama reiterated the need for the U.S. Congress to give time for the negotiations to reach a resolution and defended his decision not to meet with the Israeli prime minister during his planned visit to the U.S. in March to address Congress.

Obama insisted that he usually does not meet with world leaders during their election campaigns and meeting with Netanyahu on March 3, with Israeli elections stated for March 17, would be inappropriate.

The Israeli prime minister was invited by House Speaker John Boenher without any coordination with the White House. As a result, Democratic senators are mulling over a boycott of his address.