Iran’s Ministry of Sports and Youth reports that it has issued a permit for the first Marriage Counseling Centre, which is set to open on February 7, adding that the ministry is looking at ways of promoting marriage between government employees.

A ministry spokesman said the Marriage Counseling Centres were planned in coordination with the Psychology Organization with the objective of “the preparation and promotion of healthy and uncomplicated marriages”.

The plan reportedly entails the establishment of 50 centres with 25 in the capital and the other half in other provinces.

To obtain a permit to establish a centre, applicants have to be at least 35 years of age, married and have five years of counseling experience. Eligibility has to be approved by the ministry as well as the Psychology Organization.

In addition, the ministry announced the establishment of a charitable organization handling donations to assist couples at the start of their married life.

The spokesman added that the promotion of marriage among public employees creates an optimal situation, as couples will them be working together in the same atmosphere.