The Iranian administration has announced that the bonus for public servants in the new Iranian calendar year will be 603,500 toumans.

Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, the spokesman for the Rohani administration, announced on February 4 that the Norooz bonus will be paid to public employees and retirees in two weeks, one month before the arrival of the new year.

The government traditionally pays a bonus to its employees and retirees on the occasion of Norooz, though it’s usually paid about four to six weeks prior to the new year.

This year’s bonus exceeds what was paid last year by just over 100,000 toumans.

The administration previously had stated that the new year’s bonus would be the same as last year, but with the approach of the new year there appears to have been a decision to increase the amount.

The Iranian government has been facing significant budget shortfalls due to the falling price of oil; however, the Rohani administration has assured the public that measures are in place to face all eventualities.