Mehdi and Fatemeh Karroubi

Iranian security forces have agreed to allow opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi and his wife, who have been under house arrest since February, to move to another location, media sources close to the opposition leader report.

Mojtaba Vahedi, a top Karroubi aide, has told Persian BBC that Fatemeh Karroubi has been allowed to temporarily leave the house in order to arrange the move.

The house arrest of the Karroubis was sparked when the two Iranian opposition leaders, Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi, rallied their supporters for a solidarity March in support of the recent Arab uprisings. But it has forced the four other households in the residential complex where the Karroubis live to leave their homes. The Karroubis have reportedly requested to be moved to another location several times in order to allow their neighbours to return home.

Despite earlier refusals, it seems that security forces have finally agreed to the move, but it has been difficult to find a location that meets all the conditions set out by the security officials.

The two opposition leaders and their wives are being held prisoner in their own homes, completely cut off from any outside contact since February, without being officially charged with any crime.

Last month, Fatemeh Karroubi was allowed a short trip outside her home for medical reasons.

Despite recent unofficial reports that Karroubi has suffered a heart attack, his son Mohammad Taghi Karroubi has indicated in his weblog that his father has not had a heart attack and, although he is denied any trips to their yard, he is exercising at his apartment everyday and keeping fit.

Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi challenged the results of the 2009 presidential elections and accused the government of vote fraud. Those allegations led to widespread protests in Iran, which were forcefully quashed by authorities.