Mansour Hadi, the exiled president of Yemen, returned to Adan on Tuesday November 17 after close to a year in Riyadh.

Mansour al-Hadi

Mansour al-Hadi

Reuters reports that a spokesman for the office of the Yemeni president said Hadi’s return was meant to facilitate “direct supervision of military operations”.

Hadi’s supporters are trying to attain complete control of Taaz province, which has been under Houthi control.

Hadi took shelter in the Saudi capital in October of 2014, when Yemen’s Houthis advanced on the southern part of the country, taking control of Sanaa.It is not clear how long Hadi is planning to stay in Yemen.

Hadi fled first to Adan and then, after his presidential palace was overtaken, he left Adan for Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has been carrying out airstrikes against Houthis since March in support of Hadi and his government.