Tehran air quality is reported to be very dangerous, with a red alert issued due to the increased concentration of pollutants.

Tehran (by H. Khorrami)

Tehran (by H. Khorrami)

The concentration of particulates in Tehran air is now measured at 2.5 microns, which is seven times the acceptable level according to World Health Organization standards.

The head of Air Quality Control, Vahid Hosseini, told ILNA on Monday December 14 that the air quality index is at 162, which means the capital’s air is unhealthy for anyone to breathe.

Hosseini also indicated that the increase in particulates has significantly reduced visibility, which is made even worse by foggy conditions.

The head of Air Quality Control also criticized the city’s failure to implement a number of plans to reduce pollution in Tehran, adding that the action plan was met with resistance from the police department.