Suspects in the shooting of two high school students in Saravan, in the eastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan have been arrested according to local officials.


Iran newspaper reported on Monday May 11 that according to Colonel Mohsen Davoodi, head of Saravan police department, the two accomplices in the armed attack on the two students have been arrested.

Two students in Daneshgah High School were shot at on Saturday when leaving the school premises.

Reports indicate that the attack was carried out by two of their school mates. This is the first time Iranian media report an armed attack among high school students in Iran.

The police chief reported that the two assailants had gotten into an altercation with the two victims a few days earlier which according to the police official was the motive for the attack on Saturday.

One of the victims has been shot in the leg and is being treated for his wound in hospital. However, the other who was shot in the stomach has been transferred to a hospital in Zahedan and is still in the intensive care unit.