Ali Shamkhani, the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, says the people who attacked the recent Ashura ceremony in Dezfool, Kuzestan were paid off by the Saudi government.

Ali Shamkhani

Ali Shamkhani

Shamkhani told the Iranian state broadcaster’s Arabic language network Al-Alam that Saudi Arabia is carrying out “inappropriate operations” in Iran, alleging that the assailants who recently shot at the group of Ashura mourners in Dezfool, killing two and injuring two others, were paid by Saudi security services.

Shamkhani referred to the tensions between the two countries and said if the Saudis want to resolve these problems, “[they] need to end these evil actions against Iran.”
Yesterday, Iran’s intelligence minister announced the arrest of 14 “terrorist operatives” linked to the incident in Dezfool.

Shamkhani called on Saudi Arabia to put an end to such operations and change its approach toward Iran.

Shamkhani said: “In every circle, Saudi Arabia has been unnecessarily trying to rally Arabs against Iran. Historically we have had amicable relations with Arabs and we must try to reduce fissures in the world of Islam.”