Russian President Vladimir Putin will make an official trip to Iran on November 23, according to Yuri Ushakov, a Kremlin foreign policy adviser.

Hassan Rohani and Vladimir Putin

Hassan Rohani and Vladimir Putin

AP reports that Ushakov told reporters on November 13 that the trip is within the framework of a meeting of gas-exporting countries.
He announced that the Russian president will most likely meet with the Iranian president.

This is Putin’s first official trip to Iran since 2007.

Russia is considered an Iranian ally, and the two countries’ approach to the Syrian conflict has brought them even closer. Russia also played a pivotal role in bringing the nuclear negotiations to fruition and is also looking at increasing trade relations with its southern neighbour.

Meanwhile, Syrian peace talks are set to take place on November 14 in Vienna with the objecting of trying to find a political transfer of power acceptable to all parties.