Violence erupted in a number of ridings in the past week as candidates campaigned in the second round of elections.


Reformist and moderate candidates campaigning in Tabriz and Khorramabad faced conflict on Tuesday.

The Shargh daily reports that the Omid (Hope) list candidate, a term used to distinguish reformists and moderates candidates, was attacked by opposition students while giving a speech at Azad University in Tabriz, forcing a premature end to the event.

Similar events occurred in a speech by the Hope candidate in Khorramabad, and on Wednesday, reformist candidate Aza Mansouri cancelled her speech in Arak under threat of violence.

Reformist candidates have generally found it very difficult to reach out to voters in any way, and conservatives have escalated their tactics to ensure no more reformists will get into Parliament.

The first round of elections, held on February 26, saw many reformists candidates win seats. Sixty-eight of 136 seats are up for grabs in the second round of elections.