Iran’s education minister has expressed hope that teachers who were arrested and jailed for labour protests will soon be released.

Ali Asghar Fani

Ali Asghar Fani

The minister reported on Tuesday September 15 that he has met with the families of the jailed teachers and assured them he is trying to secure their release.

Ali Asghar Fani said in a speech that he hopes the teachers will be released by the start of the new academic year. School starts on the first day of fall in Iran.

In recent months, teachers across the country have held a number of protests to call for wages more in line with those of other public employees.

A number of prominent figures in the teaching community, such as Alireza Hashemi, the Secretary General of the Iranian Teachers’ Association, and Esmail Abdi, the head of the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association, were arrested during protests and are currently in jail.